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awb thermo elegance 3 hr

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That is a very good comparison, and I celrainty think it should apply to development and support channels. For the most part I think it does, but I agree that there is occasionally a problem. For development and support channels especially this can celrainty provide a bad view of the FOSS community by any passers by\' who see such radical differences in behaviour.Of course some channels are set-up primarily for casual discussion outside of professional bounds. For these channels, the analogy of visiting friends or a (mature) house party would probably be appropriate.For the most part I think the behaviour of users on important FOSS channels (those that reflect upon its image) is generally good amongst regulars. However, there will always be trolls and the few who upset others, be it unintentionally or otherwise. I\'m sure the anonymity and unknown nature commonplace on IRC supplements negative effects as well.Of course, accidents happen. Personally, I hate to be mistaken as a bad person simply by a poorly thought out/inappropriate comment be in it real life conversations or via electronic communications (in which tone is can easily be misread).
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Superbly ilnlainmtiug data here, thanks!
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